Print Industry Software

Print Industry Software

Automated Adobe Illustrator File Generation


Plastic measuring cups require precise placement of fill lines. Typically the graphics are generated manually using measurements stored as spreadsheet data, consuming hours of time. Berry approached Systems of Merritt, Inc. in 2006-2007 about the possibility of automating the process by using the spreadsheet data to automatically generate the fill lines in an Illustrator file. Now, the entire process only takes a few seconds with a drag-and-drop application created by Systems of Merritt, Inc.


CT/LW File Processing

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This MGI project required analysis of the proprietary Scitex (new) CT/LW file format, in order to perform custom color processing of the images. The fact that the CT/LW file format was undocumented, made the project more challenging, however we routinely handle a variety of image file formats (jpeg, tiff, etc.) from within Adobe plug-ins or from stand-alone applications which we write.

Acrobat PDF/X-1a File Processing

This project required the application of a special color correction technology to PDF/X-1a files. The Acrobat plug-in was required to read color tables and then color correct each object in the pdf file.

Automatic Label Printing


Our friends at Wellness Works faced a big problem each afternoon as they filled orders of nutritional supplements. Each customer required a separate custom label for each supplement bottle on the order. With hundreds of customers, multiple label sizes and almost two hundred products, printing the labels was an extremely time consuming and tedious manual process.As an Intuit Developer, we were able to directly access the customer order information from QuickBooks. From the customer order, the label information was determined. Our experience with the PostScript Language allowed us to write code to automatically generate and print the label sheets.

Automated Quark Xpress Layout

Producing hundreds of custom layouts each day is impossible without some kind of automation. This project required reading job files which contained layout commands, and then building the files with a Quark Xtension. Workflow controls (stop, start, redo, approvals, etc.) and file handling were also implemented.

Adobe Illustrator Automation Plug-in


This Illustrator Plug-in saves E-Spec customers enormous amounts of time by automatically saving design files in the proper format. Each time a designer finishes a design, they are required to also save a jpeg version. This means navigating through numerous menus and settings. With the new plug-in, the jpeg version of the file is automatically saved each time the Illustrator design file is saved.

PostScript Analyzer Software

PostScript language files are the lifeblood of a prepress workflow system. In addition to driving imaging devices, they can provide important technical information about the job. The job data is actually carried in the PostScript file itself. With the advent of desktop super computing capability it is now possible to extract this job information from the PostScript file in a timely manner.The PostScript Analyzer software is an essential piece of a high-volume prepress workflow system. It is designed to keep defective files from entering the system. A defective file is one which may contain runtime (PostScript) errors, or a file which doesn’t meet the proper technical specifications. A workflow system which allows faulty or corrupt production files to enter will compromise its effectiveness, efficiency and bottom line cost.The PostScript Analyzer technology allows the move to a hands-off workflow, necessary for high-volume prepress. Human operators are no longer required to check file characteristics before the file is entered into the production workflow. High-volume workflow systems simply cannot tolerate the cost and inefficiency of manual file checking.


The PostScript Analyzer is a proven concept. Here’s what Hallmark has to say:

“Our custom Postscript file analyzer enables Hallmark to use a completely digital workflow process, so we can print high-quality products more efficiently and accurately. The analyzer allows us to validate the digital components within that workflow so we can maintain our high throughput for imposable digital files.”

Process Controls for Prepress & Printing


These quality control devices were designed to give added control during the pre-press and printing processes. For more product information:View these target samples detailing some of the work done for GATF.
Download in PDF format.

Cross-Platform InDesign Plug-in Manages Yearbook Pictures


Managing lots of templates, clip art, backgrounds and student pictures can be a real problem for the yearbook staff. This InDesign plug-in written for Friesen Yearbooks provides an elegantly useful tabbed palette interface featuring drag-and-drop image thumbnails. A black-and-white mode allows the automatic conversion of color pictures to black & white for panel pages. Additionally, images are automatically scaled, compressed, converted and color corrected according to the requirements of the yearbook manufacturer.IDscreenshot

Yearbook Planning Software.

This cross-platform product helps student plan their yearbook pages. In the past this was done by hand on large paper charts.

Dual-Platform Yearbook Page Layout Application


The Tempo application was written for Taylor Publishing to interface directly to its production workflow systems. Through the use of page templates, the user could quickly build yearbook pages and spreads. Custom page layouts could also be created by the placement of picture and text areas. It also featued a spelling and hyphenation dictionary, plus the ability to bundle groups of pages for delivery to Taylor. The picture area boxes indicate where Taylor will place scanned photos during production.The application was designed and written for both PC and Macintosh as a simple-to-use entry-level yearbook design program. The program output was designed to directly drive Taylor’s proprietary imaging systems.Tempo-screen-shotw

Prepress Workflow Software

Finding ways to make prepress workflow more efficient is one of our strongest areas of expertise. We have developed a range of technologies for advanced font handling, PostScript file processing and preflight analysis of application files using Adobe plug-in technologies and Quark Xtensions.

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