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Bringing Spurgeon’s Bible insights and encouragement to you each day.


Start your day with a quote from Charles H. Spurgeon or browse through the hundreds of quotes in the collection. Spurgeon had a genius for communicating spiritual truth and you will find each quote to be thought provoking and uplifting. Spurgeon’s phrasing and imagery has given the quotes a majesty and sweetness that has delighted and inspired readers for over a century.

Software Features

  • Unique Spurgeon quotes and images for each day of the year.
  • Beautiful nature scenes form the backdrop for each quote. Pictures of Charles H. Spurgeon are also interspersed among the images.
  • Each quote is indexed to Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening Daily Readings.
  • Longer quotes can be scrolled within the text window.
  • The user can browse backward and forward through the daily quotes.
  • The user can also view the quotes in a random order.
  • Arcane words are defined to help the user to more fully comprehend the meaning of the quote.
  • Quotes can be shared with friends via email.

Developer Notes

We hope you enjoy using the Spurgeon Daily Quotes software as much as we do. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and you can reach us at:iphone@systemsofmerritt.com


Be sure to visit our product blog site for additional encouraging content.


Splash Screen


The splash screen briefly displays as the application loads.


The normal load time for an application is a few seconds, after which time the quote for the day is displayed.












Upon launching, the daily quote is automatically presented. If you wish to view tomorrow’s quote, tap the screen in the middle right area. If you wish to view yesterday’s quote, tap the screen in the middle left area. You can advance the quotes forward or backward as far as you want with additional taps. It is also possible to view the quotes in a random order by tapping the top of the screen.


If the quote is longer than the text box at the bottom of the page, it can be scrolled with an up or down swipe.


Touching the “info” button in the lower right of the screen will take you to the Help and Info screen described below.









The help screen shows the various help and information optrions available when the “Info” button is pressed on the quotes page.


The “Help” section contains information on how to use the application. It also contains an email option for contacting the developer.


The “Share With Others” section contains pages that cover Systems of Merritt products information. The user also has the option to share the quote with a friend via a Facebook or an email selection, and can also link to the App Store to rate the application.














Copyright Information

Photo Credits

  • Some images are © 2008 JUPITERIMAGES Corporation (http://www.clipart.com).
  • Public Domain images acquired from the following government agencies:
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)
  • Department of Commerce (DOC)
  • U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS)
  • NASA/courtesy of nasaimages.org
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  • http://www.public-domain-image.com/


Quotations are taken from Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening Daily Readings. This material is in the public domain.

The code at the end of each quote is a reference to one of the daily readings from Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening Daily Readings. For example, an E12-10 code means that the quote was taken from the evening reading from December 10. This makes it easy to find the quote if you wish to read it in it’s full context.

About Charles Spurgeon

Charles H. Spurgeon, 1834-1892, was the foremost preacher of the 19th century. His many sermons, devotions, and books bring a unique, inspiring, and spiritual significance to biblical truth. What is most surprising is that Spurgeon had no formal theological training. Even so, he became widely recognized for his insight and prowess in biblical teaching.

The work done by C. H. Spurgeon cannot die. ‘I beseech you,’ I once heard him say, ‘to live not only for this age, but for the next also. I would fling my shadow through eternal ages if I could.’  He has done it… He will shine on, never ceasing to brighten human lives by the truth he preached, the work he accomplished, and the stainless life he lived.

From Personal Reminiscences of Charles Haddon Spurgeon by W. Williams, pgs 8586, published in London, 1895, by The Religious Tract Society.

For more information about Charles H. Spurgeon there are numerous websites dedicated to his writings and sermons. You can get the Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening Daily Readingsonline at http://www.spurgeon.org/medit.php. A hard copy of Spurgeon’s Morning & Evening Daily Readings can be found at http://www.wtsbooks.com/. Search for “Spurgeon morning evening.” Note that some of the books have upgraded the language and biblical references for modern readers.

 Below are additional screen shots from the collection.

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