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Bringing the wit and wisdom of Will Rogers to today’s world.


Start your day with a quote from Will Rogers or browse through the hundreds of quotes in the collection. His quotes are funny, thought provoking, inspiring and relevant. Rogers had a genius for commenting on the events of his day with good humor and a personal down-home folksy charm. What is remarkable is that the truth he communicated through his newspaper columns, personal appearances and radio addresses is as relevant today as it was then. National debt, out-of-control spending, Wall Street greed, corrupt politicians and taxes are but a few of the topics covered by Rogers.

Will Rogers (1879-1935) was born in Indian Territory, near the present day city of Oolagah, Oklahoma. Growing up on his Father’s ranch, he became proficient at roping and riding. He was so expert with the lasso, that some of his roping tricks have never been duplicated. In early years he was involved in Wild West shows and later in the Zigfield Follies. He starred in both silent films and “talkies” to become one of the most famous actors of his time. His daily commentary, which was syndicated in newspapers across the country, ran from the mid 1920s until his death in 1935. This application gives you a small glimpse into his life and times.

For more information about Will Rogers, you can visit the Will Rogers Memorial Museum website. If you are planning a family vacation, or find yourself in the Claremore, Oklahoma area, be sure to stop by the Will Rogers Memorial Museum.

Software Features

  • When the application is launched, a Will Rogers quote for each day of the year is presented.
  • Each quote is identified by its date of publication and can be located in Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams.
  • Longer quotes can be scrolled within the text window.
  • The user can browse backward and forward through the daily quotes.
  • The user can also view the quotes in a random order.
  • Quotes can be shared with friends via email.

Developer Notes

We hope you enjoy using the Will Rogers Daily Quotes software as much as we do. Your feedback and suggestions are always welcome, and you can reach us at:



Be sure to visit our product blog site for additional encouraging content.


Splash Screen


The splash screen briefly displays as the application loads.


The normal load time for an application is a few seconds, after which time the quote for the day is displayed.












Upon launching, the daily quote is automatically presented. If you wish to view tomorrow’s quote, tap the screen in the middle right area. If you wish to view yesterday’s quote, tap the screen in the middle left area. You can advance the quotes forward or backward as far as you want with additional taps. It is also possible to view the quotes in a random order by tapping the top of the screen.


If the quote is longer than the text box at the bottom of the page, it can be scrolled with an up or down swipe.


Touching the “info” button in the lower right of the screen will take you to the Help and Info screen described below.









The help screen shows the various help and information optrions available when the “Info” button is pressed on the quotes page.


The “Help” section contains information on how to use the application. It also contains an email option for contacting the developer.


The “Share With Others” section contains pages that cover Systems of Merritt products information. The user also has the option to share the quote with a friend via a Facebook or an email selection, and can also link to the App Store to rate the application.














Copyright Information

Will Rogers™ is a trademark of The Rogers Company.


Materials provided by the Will Rogers Memorial Museums.

The vast majority of images were acquired from the archives at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. A few of the Museum images are from stock photos available on www.willrogers.com, and a few were acquired from the Library of Congress collection. Some of the Museum and Dog Iron Ranch images were taken by Frank Braswell and are copyright ©2010 Systems of Merritt, Inc.

Many of the images were enhanced through the use of Adobe® Photoshop® by Systems of Merritt, Inc. Dust, stains, tonal enhancements and in some cases tears and creases were repaired for your viewing pleasure.

Significance of the Collection

This work was done in close collaboration with the fine folks at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum. This application may represent the largest published collection of Will Rogers’ images. Family pictures, famous people, roping tricks, and images from his movies are included in the collection.

The quotes are taken verbatim from Rogers’ Daily Telegrams and reflect his down-home manner of speaking, including his unique grammar and punctuation. In a few cases bracketed information has been added for context and clarity, so the modern reader can appreciate the quote more fully.

Below are the sources of the quotes:

  • Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams, Volume 1, The Coolidge Years, 1926-1929, edited by James M. Smallwood and Steven K. Gragert (Stillwater: Oklahoma State University Press, 1978)
  • Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams, Volume 1, The Coolidge Years, 1926-1929, edited by James M. Smallwood and Steven K. Gragert (Stillwater: Oklahoma State University Press, 1978)
  • Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams, Volume 3, The Hoover Years, 1931-1933, edited by James M. Smallwood and Steven K. Gragert (Stillwater: Oklahoma State University Press, 1979)
  • Will Rogers’ Daily Telegrams, Volume 4, The Roosevelt Years, 1933-1935, edited by James M. Smallwood and Steven K. Gragert (Stillwater: Oklahoma State University Press, 1979)

 Below are additional screen shots from the collection.

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