Oct 19

The Oklahoman Covers Pumper’s Friend® iPhone App

The Oklahoman Interview

On October 12, Jay Marks interviewed me about the Pumper’s Friend® iPhone app, for an article in The Oklahoman. Steve Gooch captured a great image from my training seminar in Oklahoma City on October 12. Read the entire article at: The Oklahoman Interview.


  1. Mac jank

    I expected much better from you guys! You really have training seminars for this app? It needs a lot of work. If you want real world input, I’m a gauger and this app isn’t very helpful. Who straps tanks with a strap that reads in decimals? Feet snd inches. Many more complaints if you want to email me back.

  2. xfrank

    Thanks for your feedback! This is a collaborative effort, and I need your input as I add updates. I received some great ideas from users at the training sessions on obvious improvements and am working on them now. What are some of the things you like about the app? Watch for updates.

    Please email me with your detailed input at iphone@systemsofmerritt.com.

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