Nov 15

Pumper’s Friend® Reviewed by The Desk & Derrick Club of Oklahoma City

In their November newsletter, the Oklahoma City Desk & Derrick Club reviewed the Pumper’s Friend® iPhone app. Look for the article by Cindy Gibbs on page 8.

You can read the full article at this link: http://bit.ly/uDIaZf.

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  1. Ted Mehr

    Hi, I work in the oil field as a flow-back. I normal watch just one well, but I basically do the same job as a pumper how watches several wells. I think this what you need to do with your app. Maybe the iphone will not even power or memory, but you can decide. I would like to see an app that tracks the data for each well. A pumper could have as many 20 wells to watch each day. I normal track casing pressure, tubing pressure, flowline pressure, and treater/separator pressure. For the tanks, there is normal 1 or 2 water tanks and normal 3 oil tanks but there could be as many as 12 oil tanks. Each day, record the pressure readings, and we gauge the tanks, figure out the barrels of production they made and our excel software predicts when a tank change is due, based on current production rates. We also track other things too depending on the requirements of the oil company so you need to have some options to track that data too. We also keep track of break off seals that on all the tanks, and in ports inside and outside the separator. Once again our excel software keeps track of the on and off seals and will warn us if we made a mistake when we enter in a seal that was taken off. Each seal location has a reference point which is normal labeled a,b,c ect or 1,2.3 ect and we use both types of reference points. So, to make this app pumper friend, you need to be able to store the data for a few days at least and be able to down the data to an excel program for report generation and long term data storage. These are my recommendations.
    Ted Mehr

  2. xfrank

    Hi Ted,

    A new version of the Pumper’s Friend® software was just released which may address some of your issues regarding daily record keeping and transmitting data to the office.

    Maintenance and inventory tracking is on my list of things to do.

    Let’s stay in touch,


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