Welcome to the Systems of Merritt, Inc. SWC product blog.


Systems of Merritt, Inc. is a small, independent developer of software and hardware. Started in 1989, the company has served several industries, including energy, print and manufacturing. The company is currently located in Upland, IN.

The Blog

This blog is written and maintained by Frank Merritt Braswell, the owner and founder of Systems of Merritt, Inc. The intent is to share project news with friends and customers.

About Frank

Frank has been writing software since around 1977 while at Jacksonville University and building hardware since 1981 when he received his MSEE from the University of Illinois. Over the years he has worked or consulted with a variety of companies such as Conoco, QMS, Lockheed, Halmark Cards, Taylor Publishing and others.

According to Frank, “It’s humbling to know that my talent is on loan from God, and I thank Him every day for the privilege of creating the best products and delivering the best services possible for my customers.”

Contact Frank

You are encouraged to contact Frank about this project if you have any questions or comments.

Frank Braswell

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  1. Steve Hash

    Frank, i understand I may be able to remain abreast of the progress for iphone app for pumpers by registering here. I have an engineering consulting firm in Tulsa, OK and we work with independent contract pumpers on behalf of our client operating companies. We focus on engineering and field ops and Id like to possibly participate in your Beta testing. Keep me in mind, thanks
    Steve (918) 599-9400

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