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How to use Pumper’s Friend® Version 1.0




How to Use Help Page

Main Screen

Main MenuUpon launching, the main menu screen is presented. The app is designed to get you quickly to the information you need.

Touch the Headquarters option for the names and phone numbers that you use on a regular basis.

Touch the Wells option to add wells, and access gauges on a specific well.

Touch the Tanks option to monitor specific tank levels.

Touch the Send Data option to email data back to the office.


Headquarters Help Page

Headquarters Help Page Contact List The main list is a place where you can easily access contacts that you routinely use when in the field. By touching the name (not the arrow) of the person you wish to contact, you can get detailed contact information. The page also allows you to add another contact by …

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Tanks Help Page

Tanks Help Page Tank List The tank list is where you keep track of the fluid levels of tanks you service. Each tank is listed by name and additional tanks can be added by selecting the “Add Tank” option. By selcting the “arrow” button, you can update the information for an individual tank. If you …

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Wells Help Page

Wells Help Page Well List The well list is where you keep track of the gauge readings of wells you service. Each well is listed by name and additional wells can be added by selecting the “Add Well” option. By selcting the “arrow” button, you can update the information for an individual well. If you …

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Send Data Help Page

Send Data Help Page Setup Page The setup page for sending data is easy to use. Enter the email address you want the data sent to in the box provided. The program will remember your information. Next select the amount of data you want to send by touching one of the three options on the …

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Pumper’s Friend® Splash Screen

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Copyright & Attrubutions

Copyright and Attribution Supported by: Grant funding provided by: Software Developed by: Software Copyright ©2011 by Systems of Merritt, Inc.

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  1. Frank Wilson

    Dear sirs:

    Our company has been eagerly awaiting your app but there are several things that I am having trouble with. The pumpers data entry screen and inconsistencies seen between the tape and the gauge and the export to email to excel being the biggest. The export routine renders your app almost useless. The amount of extraneous and useless information that is included in the reports makes them hard to decode by hand and LACK of commas make the csv import impossible.

    If you would like to discuss. I can be reached at 940-781-6053

    Frank Wilson
    Addax Operating
    Wichita Falls TX

  2. xfrank

    Hi Frank!

    I’m working to address these issues with an update. The email generated with the data is actually comma separated and compatible with Excel. There are probably better ways to handle it and I’ll check with you on the details.

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