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Objectives and expected significance of the research. The overall objective is to enhance stripper well operation with the deployment of smartphone technology that allows for the efficient gathering of well data. Additional objectives are listed below. Develop smartphone field interface. This is the most important aspect of the project. The user interface must be easy-to-use …

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Project Executive Summary

Public Executive Summary Smartphone Software Program for Pumpers/Well Tenders This project seeks to improve production performance for pumpers/well tenders and owners with data collection and reporting tasks needed for more efficient and lower cost running and maintaining of wellsites through the use of smartphone technology. The objectives are similar to a previous 2006 SWC project …

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Statement of Problem

Statement of Problem The idea of acquiring digital records in place of paper records has been the goal of most every industry with the hope of improving performance and reducing costs. Paper records can’t tally columns of numbers automatically or create charts like a spreadsheet can. Paper records can’t automatically organize data like a database …

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Tech Transfer

How will the proposed technology significantly improve the production of a given well or region, significantly reduce operating costs, or improve environmental issues associated with stripper wells? This technology will have broad industry applicability and fit across all geographic regions and types of production. Low cost, ease of installation and an easy-to-use human interface should …

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Technology Overview

How does the proposed technology differ from what is commercially available? Fully automated wellsite data acquisition is not accessible to small operators because of the high cost and complexity of such systems. It also doesn’t fit with the current model of well servicing used by stripper well operators where daily visits and paper forms are …

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