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Will Rogers on Guards & Prisoners

In Will Rogers’ day, they had organized crime problems. Today, we have domestic terrorism threats. Perhaps there’s not much difference when you have people wanting to kill each other. The quote from Will Rogers indicates that the killing and hate don’t end at the prison door. Inside the prison, the hatred and struggle for power …

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President Reagan, Will Rogers Shared Common Gifts, Careers


President Reagan, Will Rogers Shared Common Gifts, Careers By Joe Carter Ronald Reagan was a 24-year-old aspiring actor when Will Rogers was Hollywood’s towering star. While the two icons were never personally acquainted, their lives spiraled similarly. In 1941, six years following Rogers’ death, an unsigned memorandum at Warner Brother Pictures in California read: “Why not try …

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Give the Gift of Will Rogers

This is a great biography by Ben Yagoda. Follow Will Rogers from obscurity, growing up in Oklahoma, to become one of the most loved and admired men in America. How could one man be gifted with so much talent and energy? Follow Will as he travels across America and the world. He worked and starred …

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Will Rogers’ Passion for Christmas

Will Rogers Christmas

Gentle Reader, I have a special treat for you today. Below is an article from the Will Rogers Memorial Museum website about Will Rogers and his passion for Christmas. Here is the original link for the article: Will Rogers Christmas. Enjoy! Will Never Outgrew Passion for Christmas CLAREMORE — Will Rogers never outgrew the child’s passion …

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Will Rogers on “Mister, Can You Spare $10 Billion?”

This country runs to the figure ten. There has been many who has had to say, “Mr., can you spare a dime?” but President Roosevelt is the first man in the history of the world who looked a nation right in the face and said, “Mister, can you spare ten billion dollars?” BEVERLY HILLS, Cal., Jan. 5, 1934

The saying: “Mister can you spare a dime?” typified the poverty and despair during the depression years. My Grandmother told me that young, out of work, men would travel from place to place looking for jobs. Many times they would come to her back door to ask for a bite to eat. Those were difficult …

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Will Rogers on “Congressional Investigations & Photographers”

[Congressional] Investigations are held just for photographers. BEVERLY HILLS, Cal., April 4, 1934

At all these fancy investigations, the action seems to be in the photographers’ pit. The noise from shutters clicking is almost deafening. Thousands of pictures are taken of every move made by whoever is testifying. The perfect shot is one that captures an absurd grimace or a finger brushing by the nose. This requires the most …

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Will Rogers on “How to get rid of a Senator”

Will Rogers Quote

People in Alaska and across the country have been completely baffled by the outcome of the recent Senate election there. I was too, until I came across this Will Rogers quote. You see, the only thing worse than having this particular Senator in Washington, is having the Senator in Alaska. It all makes sense now. Alaskans …

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Will Rogers on “Mules and Speeches”

Will Rogers Quote

The mules were hee-hawing the other day in the lower chamber – I mean lower stall. They were kicking and bucking something terrible. There was so much commotion and noise that there wasn’t even a need for microphones – you could hear ’em clear across town. They was all bunched up in groups, trading oats …

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Will Rogers and Definition of “Lame Duck Congress”


We’re going to hear a whole bunch of lame ducks quacking real soon! The congressional pond will be alive with flapping and splashing. Rogers’ definition of “lame duck Congress” is dead on! The bums that were thrown out for not doing their job get one last chance to do some damage. Let’s pray that they …

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Will Rogers on “I Never Met a Man I Didn’t Like”


“I never met a man I didn’t like.” This was perhaps one of Will Rogers’ most famous quotes. He could call presidents, senators, congressmen and many famous people friends. Rogers was extremely generous in raising money for the Red Cross to aid families in distress from natural disasters. He even traveled to other countries to …

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