Will Rogers on “Diplomats go to War”

Will RogersThe diplomats sure have been busy lately. From Will Rogers’ quote, I can only assume that if diplomats are busy there are two possibilities.

First is the possibility of war, revolution or some other sort of geopolitical instability. I remember that prior to the Second Gulf War, the entire UN got into the act along with our Congress. More diplomats came out of the woodwork, that termites in floor joists.

Second is the staging of global disarmament treaties and peace conferences. In this case, the work of diplomats is great for humor purposes, as we have seen in numerous Will Rogers’ quotes in this blog.

It seems that this administration and its foreign policy are completely devoid of common sense. They seem to view weakness, excuses, photo ops, bowing to foreign leaders, and soaring rhetoric as the tools of peaceful relations. Giving away all our bargaining chips doesn’t make the diplomat’s job any easier.

How about “Peace through Strength” as a guiding principle? That would give diplomats something to work with, and perhaps bring a little common sense and stability back to this crazy world. One can only hope, and vote!

Image Information: This picture is a still from Will Rogers movie “The Ropin’ Fool.” Will is getting read to do some lasso tricks.

The image was taken directly from movie stills at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum archive. I apologize for the quality of the image, but this is exactly what the 1920s photo looked like when I scanned it. In the hundreds of images contained in this iPhone application, I wanted to share as many different Will Rogers photos as possible from as wide a variety of times and situations – movies, cowboy, vaudeville, with famous people, and family scenes.

Will Rogers is a man worth remembering, and quoting. His wit, humor and insight into life will amaze and astonish you. His life will inspire you. Watch for new blog posts from my Will Rogers quotes collection.

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Will Rogers

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