Will Rogers on “Mad at the Truth”

Will RogersThe Democrats seem to be some of the most unhappy people these days. They are always upset or mad about something. Perhaps it has something to do with what Will Rogers says in his quote – they are made at the truth.

There’s been a lot of “Bush bashing” by the Democrats, but when you point out that all the things they complained about under Bush are now worse, there’s no place to hide anymore.

In a blog called A Mad Democrat, the post on March 6, 2006 called “A Dismal Failure,” lists President Bush’s so called failures. That was before the Democrat controlled congress took over, and if you look over the list, the  serious “leadership issues” are 10 times worse today.

Here’s some issues Democrats are mad about: unemployment – worse, foreign policy – no direction, economy – worse, deficit – out of control, health care – unstable, debt – stimulated through the roof, and so on. If none of this was true, as Will Rogers says, they would laugh it off.

Democrats got mad when people pointed out that there was no “recovery” during the Summer of Recovery. They got mad when people pointed out that they got creamed in the Fall elections. If the truth makes them mad, I guess they will be mad for the rest of their lives.

Will Rogers is a man worth remembering, and quoting. His wit, humor and insight into life will amaze and astonish you. His life will inspire you. Watch for new blog posts from my Will Rogers quotes collection.

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Will Rogers

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