Spurgeon on “Come Up Higher” ~ 2 Minute Devotional

The believer is bidden to come up higher, and is enabled to exercise the privilege of rejoicing in God, and drawing near to him in holy confidence, saying, “Abba, Father.” M12-23If you were to walk into a throne room in ancient days, the person occupying the highest place in the room was the king. There might be steps leading up to the throne on a high platform. Everyone looked up to the king. It was the ultimate expression of authority and power.

Nobody dared approach the king without permission, and even close advisors had to observe strict protocol when approaching the throne, or suffer severe punishment.

The only ones that could share the high place with the king were his queen and his children. They didn’t have to make an appointment, and could come and go as they pleased. Not only that but the king was proud to receive them, and his children rejoiced in the kings presence.

“Come up and sit with me,” the king might say, as he sees one of his children in the throne room. With no fear, the child climbs the stairs and is received into the king’s arms.

The rest of the king’s court looks on. They know that this special relationship is only between the king and his children. Only the king and his children may share such terms of endearment as “Abba, Father.”

Do you have this special relationship with King Jesus? Do you know him as a child of God? Have you been adopted into the family of believers?

Dear Lord, If I have never drawn near to your throne as one of your children, work in my heart that I might come to know your great salvation and forgiveness of sins. Then bid me “come up higher” that I might rejoice in You and draw near in holy confidence, saying “Abba, Father.” Amen

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