The Lord Reigns – Psalm 99 NIV 2 Minute Devotional

There’s a lot of gloom these days. Uncertainty over the future of our country in a dangerous world. We are concerned about crime. Leaders don’t seems to have common sense answers.

Psalm 99 helps us to put things in perspective: “The Lord reigns!” It seems so simple – but it’s true. All through the Scriptures we see God is in control of the nations and He is always glorified.

Recall that the Lord reigns even when it may not seem like it from our point of view. To be honest, people have survived worse times than we are faced with today. Recall Vietnam, the Cold War, WWII, WWI and the Civil War to name a few. Many suffered and some paid with their lives, yet we must understand that the Lord reigns.

The nation of Israel survived the Egyptian captivity, and later exile in Babylon. Even in those dark days God had His purpose and plan. If there was ever a clear picture of this it is in Daniel, chapter 3, where Daniel is given the meaning of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream of the golden statue. In the dream, God reveals His plan for the course of nations.

In Daniel 4:26 we find out why these things happen. It is so that we may understand that “heaven rules.” As we understand this truth our hearts should turn to praise. As the Psalmist says: “Let them praise your great and awesome name.”

Dear Lord, When the nations are in turmoil, let me understand that you reign over all things. Let me learn to praise your great and awesome name, for you are holy. Amen.

Look below for an extra blessing! The Sons of Korah have put Psalm 99 to music. You can listen to the sample and then purchase your own copy at the iTunes store.

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Below is an extra treat! The Sons of Korah have put Psalm 99 to music. Listen to a sample below and purchase your own copy at the iTunes store by clicking on the button.

Psalm 99 – Rain Album Psalm 99 - Rain
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  • Thank you Frank. It is so true, the LORD does in fact reign, and people have survived harder times than we are facing today, not that our times are easy. It is very difficult for our young people here in the United States today. Certainly, the Holocaust was a horrible, horrible time, yet people did survive.

  • Frank Merritt Braswell

    Hi Sandra, When we see evil in this fallen world, we can’t understand what purpose God might have in it. Then I ponder the cross, and the evil focused on that moment in time. God’s purpose in redemption came out of the suffering of His Son. That gives me hope in God’s providence. To Him be the glory, dear sister! Blessings, Frank

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