Will Rogers on Republican Dastardly Plots!?

Poor Democrats, I love ’em. I guess its because some are so dumb. Now they are dying to scare up an issue by trying to discredit Mr. Hoover, because some lobbyist wrote a letter saying that he knew President Hoover’s secretary, and that the secretary was very partial to Cuban sugar in his coffee in the morning, and that in view of this dastardly plot Mr. Hoover should really be impeached. Then they wonder why they don’t get anywhere. BEVERLY HILLS, Cal., Dec. 23, 1929If Will Rogers were alive today, I don’t think he would find his “poor Democrats” much improved. They are still trying to uncover Republican dastardly plots. Sometimes they are so sure of evildoing that they just make it up and run with it. The seriousness of the charge is more important than facts or the truth.

Take the “evil” Republican President George Bush for example. There must be something in his background that would discredit him. Well, surprise, two months before the 2004 election CBS unearthed documents critical about his Air National Guard service. Dan Rather presented the “evidence” on 60 Minutes.

There was just one problem. The documents were fakes! The “poor Democrats” that set-up and reported the story forgot that in 1972 there weren’t word processors and laser printers. Interestingly, the current President can claim a Photoshop manipulated version of his birth certificate is authentic, and the press doesn’t seem to mind.

The search for Republican dastardly plots continues. Democrats didn’t find anything after pouring over thousands of Sarah Palin’s emails. They are still waiting to see if anyone responds to a full-page newspaper ad in Texas looking for sex scandal dirt. Actually, I think President Hoover had it easy!

Just leave the Democrats and their search for “dastardly plots” alone! They continue to loose elections, and as Will Rogers says: “They wonder why they don’t get anywhere.”


Image Info: In this image, Will Rogers stands beside a CBS radio microphone. His pleasant voice and humorous quips and stories established him as a favorite radio personality of the early 1930s.

The image was taken directly from pictures at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum archive. I apologize for the quality of the image, but this is exactly what the 1920s photo looked like when I scanned it. In the hundreds of images contained in this iPhone application, I wanted to share as many different Will Rogers photos as possible from as wide a variety of times and situations – movies, cowboy, vaudeville, with famous people, and family scenes.

Will Rogers is a man worth remembering, and quoting. His wit, humor and insight into life will amaze and astonish you. His life will inspire you. Watch for new blog posts from my Will Rogers quotes collection.

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