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Spurgeon on “Let Us Prove Our Gratitude by Our Devotion” – Readings at Eventide Narrated by John Michaels

Evening by Evening Readings at Eventide Written by Charles H. Spurgeon Narrated by John Michaels Sit back, relax and enjoy today’s reading. Let Us Prove Our Gratitude by Our Devotion I hope you have been blessed by this Readings at Eventide devotional written by Charles H. Spurgeon. For more uplifting readings, narrated by John Michaels, …

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Spurgeon on “Comfort in God’s Choosing” ~ 2 Minute Devotional

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Do you remember, as a child, being taken somewhere by your parents? If it was a place you really wanted to go, like the state fair, you were very excited. Additionally, you were absolutely confident in their choice to take  you where they said they would. Not only was it exciting, it was a great …

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