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Will Rogers on “War and the Federal Reserve”

Folks, you just gotta love Will Rogers! Here’s a classic quote about war and the Federal Reserve from 1929 that still rings true today. The Federal Reserve (The Fed)  is responsible for conducting the nation’s monetary policy to help maintain employment, keep prices stable, and keep interest rates relatively low. The poor folks running The …

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Spurgeon on “If the War be of God” – Morning Readings Narrated by John Michaels

Morning Readings Written by Charles H. Spurgeon Narrated by John Michaels Sit back, relax and enjoy today’s reading. If the War be of God   I hope you have been blessed by this Morning Readings devotional written by Charles H. Spurgeon. For more uplifting readings, narrated by John Michaels, please visit JohnWMichaels.com. Please visit our …

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Will Rogers on “War is Coming!”

Will Rogers

How could Rogers know the consequences of cutting back on our defense in 1933? He had lived through WWI, peace conferences, and disarmament talks, and he had an amazing insight into human nature. Today we have many of the same issues. We look to the UN for peace talks. We talk about nuclear disarmament. Some …

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