Will Rogers on “Putter-Ready Jobs”

Will RogersAfter reading this Will Rogers quote, I suddenly realized why there has been so much confusion and controversy over where all of the “shovel-ready” jobs have gone. With the extension of unemployment benefits, nobody wants a shovel-ready job when they are offered a putter-ready vacation.

Actually that’s only half the problem. Our Vice President puts it this way: “Just becaust the Recovery Act was a monumental failure, does not mean that it is not working.” The solution, according to the administration is that not enough stimulus has been injected into the economy. More is needed!?

While the administration has been “stimulating the economy” the president has systematically crippled a number of sectors of the economy such as: tourism (Las Vegas and Gulf Coast), oil drilling and production, insurance, private aircraft, commercial air travel, and others. Nobody knows where they will strike next.

In summary, the government reduces the incentive for people to work with extended unemployment benefits, while at the same time destroying jobs. All I can say is I wanted a shovel-ready job, but all I got was this lousy putter.

I don’t get paid for writing this blog, but the government will pay me for not working! Well, I’ve got to go now, tee time is at 2pm.

The image was taken directly from movie stills at the Will Rogers Memorial Museum archive. I apologize for the quality of the image, but this is exactly what the 1920s photo looked like when I scanned it. In the hundreds of images contained in this iPhone application, I wanted to share as many different Will Rogers photos as possible from as wide a variety of times and situations – movies, cowboy, vaudeville, with famous people, and family scenes.

Will Rogers is a man worth remembering, and quoting. His wit, humor and insight into life will amaze and astonish you. His life will inspire you. Watch for new blog posts from my Will Rogers quotes collection.

I hope you have enjoyed this quote from Will Rogers and the accompanying image taken from the Will Rogers iPhone app. Please visit our blogtwitter, or Facebook page regularly and pass these posts on to friends that might enjoy a bit of wisdom from Will Rogers.

Will Rogers

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