Will Rogers on “Economic Moves”

This Will Rogers Quote appeared in his April 21, 1933 syndicated Daily Telegram column. How true it is today!

The economic team of the current administration is leaving the White House after two years of service. At the beginning of the term, these bright economic minds promised recovery and prosperity would result from massive stimulus spending. Now the Fed is talking about firing up the printing presses again to produce inflation.

I’m one of those economic dummies. I can’t tell you exactly what these economic moves will lead to, but I can tell you that in general, they will lead to no good, just like they did in the 1930s. I can also tell you that cutting taxes and pro-business moves from an administration generally lead to good things.

Perhaps voters will turn out to be smarter about economics that we thought. They know a good economic move from a bad one.

Image Information: The image of Rogers is from his 1921 silent film Guile of Women. Rogers plays a Swede named Yal who travels with a friend to America to seek his fortune. After misfortunes in love and business, his girlfriend finally arrives from Sweden.

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