Will Rogers on “Nothing but Interest & Taxes”

Will RogersI suppose you could say that interest in taxes is on everybody’s mind these days. These topics dominate the political talk shows and dinner parties, and for good reason. Nobody knows what in the world the lame ducks are going to do about taxes.

Businesses don’t know what their tax liability is going to be next year, so they scale back. The fat cats are cutting back on charitable giving and trips to Las Vegas in case the tax bill is higher next year. The thin cats are even cutting back expenses. With the “death tax” in limbo some folks can’t even plan their own funeral.

Everybody is cutting back it seems, except the boneheads in Congress. They’ve had two years of stimulus and wild spending while normal people are tightening their belts and getting laid off. Now Congress wants to raise the tax rates to pay for it all.

Old man interest is right around the corner and will strike with a vengeance. If Will Rogers’ quote was true in 1931, it is even more so today. “Nothing ever happens in our country but interest and taxes.”

Will Rogers is a man worth remembering, and quoting. His wit, humor and insight into life will amaze and astonish you. His life will inspire you. Watch for new blog posts from my Will Rogers quotes collection.

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Will Rogers

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