Will Rogers on “War is Coming!”

Will RogersHow could Rogers know the consequences of cutting back on our defense in 1933? He had lived through WWI, peace conferences, and disarmament talks, and he had an amazing insight into human nature.

Today we have many of the same issues. We look to the UN for peace talks. We talk about nuclear disarmament. Some administrations cut back on defense technologies, support and strength. Additionally reducing our military strength are social engineering projects among military personnel.

The bad guys are still the bad guys. Weakness is their signal for action and aggression. Laying down our weapons doesn’t mean they will lay down their weapons or like us.

We have a department of defense, not offense. Our weapons protect and defend our citizens and interest. Will Rogers knew what would happen if the US cut back her defense. We should know as well.

Image Information: The image of Rogers is from his 1921 silent film Guile of Women. Rogers plays a Swede named Yal who travels with a friend to America to seek his fortune. After misfortunes in love and business, his girlfriend finally arrives from Sweden.

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Will Rogers

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  • Randall

    So appropriate TODAY.  Thanks for reminding me. 

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