Spurgeon on “Lessons from the Whale” ~ 2 Minute Devotional

You will find in the long run that it is far harder to shun the work and will of God than to at once yield yourself to it. Jonah lost his time, for he had to go to Nineveh after all. It is hard to contend with God; let us yield ourselves at once. E2-25When I read about Jonah, or the Israelites in the wilderness, my first instinct is to think: “What a bunch of stubborn boneheads! Don’t they ever learn?”

Just about the time I start to congratulate myself on what a fine example of obedience I demonstrate, compared to others, the Lord sees fit to humble me. It’s me, Frank, in the belly of the whale taking another dip under the water, just like the image on the left. It’s me, Frank, walking through the wilderness, until I learn my lessons.

When I am deposited on the beach, I’ll brush the seaweed out of my hair, preach the gospel to the (stunned) fishermen, and ask directions to Nineveh!

Dear Lord, Let me yield myself to you rather than strive against you. Help me to humble myself, so that I may serve you without delay. Amen.

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